Understanding Your Hair Loss Problem

For most women, hair is far more than a bundle of fiber. It’s an expression of style and personality. Research also suggests hair and self-image are closely intertwined. If an occasional “bad hair day” can make a woman feel bad, hair loss can be a distressing sight to face every morning in the mirror. Some have hair that is thinning all over, while others see the center part gradually widen. Still others develop distinct baldness at the sides or crown of the head. Hair loss in women can be triggered by about 30 different medical conditions, as well as several lifestyle factors. In many cases, hair will grow back once the cause is addressed and a viable treatment is used.

Hair Loss Triggers

Understanding Your Hair Growth Cycle

The average scalp has 100,000 hairs. The hair growth cycle begins with the Anagen or growth phase. During this phase cells in the root of the hair divide to add to the hair shaft. Depending on your genetics, the growth phase can last anywhere from 2 to 6 years. The hair grows about a fourth of an inch each month, and though it is technically dead, a healthy hair care regimen can keep it looking beautiful while it’s in the Anagen phase.

The Catagen stage follows the Anagen phase and is made up of a 2-3 week transitional period in which the hair is no longer growing. During this stage, a club hair is formed. A club hair occurs when the section of the hair follicle attaches to the hair shaft, cutting the follicle off from its blood supply and the cells that produce new hair. This club hair leads to the next stage of the hair growth and shedding cycle.

The final stage of the hair growth and shedding cycle is the Telogen or resting phase. During this two to four month phase, the hair begins to shed at normal levels, and the Anagen phase begins again producing new hair. At any given time, 85% of hair is growing, and the remainder is resting. Because resting hairs regularly fall out, most people shed about 50-100 strands every day.

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