We proudly work in partnership with our customers using advanced hair care science to find proprietary blends to satisfy their individual hair care needs and deliver exceptional results.


Age: 24 | Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hair Care Concern:
Hair thinning along the perimeter of the scalp

“I frequently wear hair extensions and the stress from my hair style choices left the perimeter of my scalp damaged. I would notice that my hair would break off with each installation of a hair weave. My hair stylist recommended that I try Vitalize Hair 3-Part Hair Repair System. She said that the active ingredient Redensyl found in the Follicle Stem Cell Serum would produce results in a shorter period of time than any product containing Minoxidil. Based on her recommendation I tried the system, using all three (3) products twice each day. Within three (3) weeks I was able to see a visible difference. I have now been using the product for over three (3) months and I couldn’t bee happier with the fullness of my hair around the edges of my scalp.”


Age: 28 | Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hair Care Concern:
Hair thinning at the nape of the scalp

“I have always loved the “high ponytail” hair style – unfortunately to my detriment. This tight hair style pulled excessively at the back of my scalp and overtime I noticed that my hair was falling out – leaving bald spots. Changing my hair style didn’t help matters at all; actually it resulted in creating further damage with hair breakage and split ends. Over the years I have tried many products; spending any amount in the hopes of getting a positive result. Nothing seemed to work until I tried Vitalize Hair. I was happy that the products were 100% all natural and had no side effects. Finally I didn’t have to worry about the safety of the products as they do not contain artificial preservatives, sulfates or parabens. After twenty-three (23) days of consistent use I saw results. My trouble areas had noticeable hair regrowth. I continue to use the system not only to address my hair thinning problems but to prevent any further hair problems from occurring.”


Age: 36 | Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hair Care Concern:
Hair thinning at the hairline

“Growing up I was always complimented about the condition of my hair. I took pride in the fullness of my hair and in the versatility of hair styles that my hair provided. But then the demands of life set in and I didn’t have the same amount of time available for many types of hair styles due to my hectic work schedule. I began wearing braids and weaves, mostly for the convenience. Over a four (4) year period I noticed the gradual thinning of my hair all around my hairline. This discovery left me shaken and sad – my confidence was definitely rattled. A visit to my trichologist made me aware of the Vitalize Hair 3-Part Hair Repair System. The products were easy to use and fit in to my daily routine. I first noticed a change to my hairline after four (4) weeks of use but with the vitamins I experienced a more immediate result. I felt energized from my daily use of the supplements and saw the condition of my skin and nails improve. I am glad that I found a “total body” solution.”